Roots of EG and that Preznc is now being made available to SMRA members. Special pricing and BETA status apply.

We all know the story of the Gatling gun guy who approached the saber-wielding General about his invention prior to the battle, only to be pushed aside with “I don’t have time for some newfangled thingy now – I have a battle to prepare for…”. What the General does not yet know is that the Gatling gun was precisely the tool he was actually needing to win not just the battle, but the war itself.
In the fog of war that is Digital Marketing, we always need to be aware of what’s happening in the next evolution – this is where Preznc® Report comes in. Preznc is based on data-driven metrics that clearly show where the audience is, what the competitors are doing to go after that audience and what you as the agency, need to provide to your client to move the needle and get more customers for them.
Preznc is a proven methodology, having been deployed hundreds of times since it’s conception in 2013 in a national program designed to benefit businesses in a program used by economic development professionals across the nation. The goal of Preznc is to create the foundation for a success digital marketing effort in as little time as possible.
A Preznc Report covers three main areas of the online presence; structural, engagement and social. Click here to download our whitepaper on “How Business is Done: A survey on SMB use of digital marketing for awareness, visibility & sales”.