Preznc® Report has become a founding sponsor of the Social Media Research Association (SMRA). SMRA was established in 2017 to support the community of marketing professionals who exhibit and want to be recognized for their experience and professional commitment in the area of social media research.


SMRA & the developer and provider of Preznc Report Competitive Assessments (Social Marketing Conversations) both find that the Preznc Methodology is well suited to address the needs of members who want a consistent outcome to their digital and social media research effort.


“SMRA is a leading proponent of professional & high-quality research methodologies for their members and Preznc Report fits their model as a repeatable and proven research methodology.” said Steven Groves, Managing Partner for Social Marketing Conversations, “We’re very excited about being able to work with SMRA members as we put the final touches on our BETA program, which SMRA Members will be able to access as early adopters as it rolls out in the 3rd & 4th quarter of 2018.”


Preznc was carefully developed & proven over a 5 year period working with a national program supporting local economic development corporation across the US and we’ve compiled stats on thousands of websites. The experience has put us in the role of knowing what actually works when it comes to digital marketing. Now it’s ready for a BETA phase where we gain insight on how best to share the methodology with others and train professionals on how to perform all aspects of the research, the assessment and the consultative delivery.


Kathy Doering, President of the SMRA stated “Preznc Report really fits well with our aims for promoting professionalism and consistency in the social media research industry. SMRA sees the Preznc Competitive Assessment as a powerful tool in the pursuit of relevant and strategically important research. We think our members will see it that way as well and many we see adopting Preznc as a very important part of their professional practice.”


SMC will be enrolling digital marketing and research professionals in the first session of the Preznc Academy in Q3 2018 where they will learn the RAD (Research / Assess / Document & Delivery) process behind the Preznc Report Competitive Assessment with Steven, who developed Preznc in 2013 and has been refining it ever since.

“We see the Academy as the natural extension of where we’ve come from with Preznc” said Steven, “with SMB’s needing better data to guide their online strategy and grandfathered pricing to SMRA members, will let them experience what the research can do and where it fits in their practice.”