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Digital Marketing Effectiveness – Stop Guessing. Know. Act. Win.

Investments in digital marketing effectiveness are emerging as a high-value, affordable option that even Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMBs) can now afford. We use a comprehensive assessment methodology to inform your strategy process, which leads to digital marketing success. The alternative is guessing at which tactic and hit-or-miss result that often results in a complete failure.

These webinars are for social media researchers and digital marketing agencies that are demanding the data that shows where they can actually move the needle and meet the demands of a client to impact revenue.

The webinars are given by Steven Groves, CEO of Social Marketing Conversations, internationally-published author and inventor of the Preznc® Report.

Attendees will see how to get the data that matters in a digital marketing strategy where you can show

  • Where the audience is, and prove it
  • How a company is using their online presence now
  • What’s working for the competition and why
  • How to use Campaign-Format Marketing for continuous improvement

If you’re working with clients who want to improve their online presence and you need the data to show how you’re doing it – you want Preznc Report.

    SMC Digital Marketing Webinar
    SEPTEMBER 20, 2018
    11:00 am Pacific


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