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When in an ocean of digital marketing, we give you a shore to swim to
What do you want? Data, Information or Strategic Intelligence?

You’ve seen it before – you’re offered a website review and when you say yes, a report that takes a ream of paper to print is returned in about 5 minutes. While the information may be there, buried in the reams of data, the strategic information it provides is minimal or quite possibly non-existent.

Preznc is different – very different. A Preznc Report Competitive Assessment is full of strategic intelligence on your web presence and those of the competition so your digital marketing is more effective, efficient and the marketing investment goes further. You’ll see a SWOT* analysis that covers at 400-500 signals and once properly compiled and assessed, you get an analysis presented to you (and your team) in an online session.

Likes & Follows are nice, but I really need to understand whats relevant…

As promised, the report will be stuffed full of insights designed to inform your strategy and produce results – as in more prospects from online and more sales in the door or over the web.

State-of-the-Art Assessment? Click-to-Report?!

There are both companies and agencies who rely on ‘click-to-report’ tools to inform a digital marketing effort. Is it strategic? Does it show what your competitors are doing to connect with prospects? Does it show where the audience is or how the competition is connecting with them? If not, then just what are you doing with your digital marketing and how is it helping you find more prospects, create more revenue & beat the competition?

Ordering a Preznc Report

We’ve got a full, online ordering capability coming soon. Until then, click thru to our Contact Us page and let us know by clicking the ‘Order a Preznc Report’ and give us a way to connect via email and phone. We’ll connect with you and take it from there!

What Should I Expect from a Preznc Report?

The deliverable is a custom report and a personalized, 1 hour debrief on the research.

In the debrief you’re able to ask all your questions and get unfiltered answers from industry experts who are both familiar with the data and know what works in digital marketing.

There’s a lot to know, what do I need to provide to get a Preznc Report?

Yes, there is a lot – we believe that as a busy executive what you need is 1) the most relevant high-points and 2) the ability to answer all of your questions without having to saying, “we’ll get back to you on that” 8 out of 10 times.

To produce the research, all you’ll need to give us your website URL and the names & URLs of the main website of your competitors – that’s it!

How long does it take?

Within 7-10 days, we’ll be ready to deliver your custom debrief and step you through the research – often faster.

The review document itself is delivered after the debrief in a format that makes it easy to review with your marketing team.

Sounds Great! What’s my Next Step?

Order your own Preznc Report Competitive Assessment now! Click over here and we’ll get right back to you or use the chat function to see if we’re around to take your call & answer questions now – a lot of the time we are!

The problem is that it’s about a half a step back of being useful or valuable – there’s nothing on detecting where the audience is, how competitors are approaching them and what the business needs to do to outperform the competition.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats



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