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Social Marketing Conversations

Social Marketing Conversations develops, supports, and provides highly strategic and accurate digital marketing data which provides the best possible foundation upon which to build your digital marketing strategy. This is the kind of information that big companies can afford, but small- to medium enterprises (SMEs) often do not have the budget or knowledge on how to use it – we can fix that.

Your team will consists of entrepreneurs, experienced researchers, developers and biz dev people who really want to make a difference in your business with relevant research that gives you control over what to spend your limited marketing dollars on and why.

Steven Groves – Founder / CEO

Steven Groves | Social Marketing ConversationssSteven is truly a visionary leader and serial entrepreneur. He is a deeply engaged marketer, an expert in all things digital, and carries a healthy helping of traditional marketing tactics with him as well. With a natural curiosity about what makes digital marketing work, he developed Preznc® Report as an innovative research tactic to support companies looking for measurable digital marketing. Relative to SMC, the journey he’s on is about digital marketing and how to continuously improve it for a middle-market entrepreneur.


From his perspective, innovation is not static. The tools and tactics of digital marketing will vary over time – the strategy, however, is a bit more enduring and strategy is where he shines.


Steve has worked in marketing & sales for some of the biggest names in technology (Computer Associates, MicroAge, Compuware) as well as startups you probably never heard of (ProfitStreams, Silent Dispatch, Managed Objects) and has invested in a couple of his own entrepreneurial companies over the years. What he brings to the table for SMC clients is a proven, mature presence that can guide success in a website and the online presence.


All connection request will be accepted on LinkedIn that adhere to the TOS – no headshot picture, no connection.

SMC Charter

At Social Marketing Conversations, we strive to do three things:

      1. Help businesses avoid costly digital marketing mistakes.
      2. Deliver creative digital marketing solutions for new and growing businesses.
      3. Create and provide high-quality research, services, and events that enrich and empower our community.


SMC Core Values

Cultivate genuine relationships with clients and referral sources.


        • People like to work with people they like.
        • Relationships inspire loyalty.

Embrace Advanced Digital Marketing Technology.


        • Doing repetitive tasks is an inefficient and unpleasant way to spend time. We both leverage & invent automation to handle these tasks.
        • Artificial Intelligence will play a role in the future of marketing services. Firms that fear/avoid using AI won’t survive.
        • Completing projects quickly and accurately gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Deliver work product that makes us and our clients proud.


        • Professional-looking documents inspire trust and make clients feel like they’re getting good value.  Clients pay us to create documents; when clients see our work it should make a good first visual impression.
        • Providing quality work in a time-effective manner establishes trustworthiness with our clients


Be active in anticipating changes in data-driven marketing tactics and tech and adapting them to clients’ needs.


        • Supporting data-driven marketing is usually cheaper and easier than dealing with sunk costs on wasted digital marketing efforts.
        • Being proactive enhances our role as a reliable trusted digital strategist.