Niche Manufacturing

“Preznc Competitive Assessment showed us needing A LOT of improvement, and we really appreciated it (and needed it!).” – Medical Product Manufacturer / Texas

Successful digital marketing begins with understanding how the competition is stealing away your customers.

You need a baseline to plan from.

We are the Industry-leading competitive assessment which brings you data from the ‘Grey Web‘; data you don’t get without a Preznc Competitive Assessment marketing strategy methodology – it’s the information you need to know to move the needle.

Digital Marketing Agency

Preznc Competitive Assessment took us on as a challenge, as we are really good at this – we’re digital marketing professionals and Preznc delivered! The concise nature of the work showed us our blind spots, which we are working on now to implement the recommended changes.

CEO / Founder – S.East US

Farming / Grower

“The Preznc Competitive Assessment was most valuable. We are working actively on our social media campaign now and interviewing to expand our digital marketing. Preznc opened my eyes to what we could be doing for chefs.”

Wholesale Produce Grower / Distributor

Preznc Report bridges the gap between click-to-report and expensive researcher-based methodologies – you get affordable, relevant, & actionable insights.