You’re adrift in an ocean of digital marketing & social media; we give a shore to swim to.
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Bring your clients the information they need to know to make the RIGHT moves and move the needle.
Here’s how we do it.

We Use the RAD method…



We gather the data you cannot get with any other reporting tool or technology. We go past the limited data that click-to-report tools have and get to the important, more strategic data that matters.Why this is important is that ‘vanity’ metrics just don’t matter – we bring you the good stuff.



This is where the Rocket Science come into play. We use the data to ID not just what’s important, but what is the right NEXT step for the online presence. We ID what you should be investing in next and what can be put off. You get to manage limited dollars for better impact.


Document & Deliver

What good is the data if it doesn’t make any sense? What we do is present the data in an executive-level debrief designed to inform the busy executive who’s day job is NOT digital marketing, but needs strategic data to make informed decisions and they need it now. Preznc® Delivers!

Focus your Digital Marketing
Where it Matters Most

Preznc® Report

Preznc® Report bridges the gap between click-to-report
and expensive researcher-based methodologies – you
get affordable, relevant, & actionable insights.

Niche Manufacturing

“Preznc Competitive Assessment showed us needing a LOT of improvement, and we really appreciated it (and needed it!)” – Medical Product Manufacturer Texas

Digital Marketing Agency

“Preznc Competitive Assessment took us on as a challenge, as we are really good at this – we’re digital marketing professionals and Preznc delivered! The concise nature of the work showed.”

Farming / Grower

“The Preznc Competitive Assessment was most valuable. We are working actively on our social media campaign now and interviewing to expand our digital marketing. Preznc opened my eyes to what we could be doing for chefs.”


The Preznc ® team has documented thousands websites and
provided competitive strategies for thousands of companies.
Learn how to do the same for your clients or have
us do it for you – you’re in control!