How Do Businesses Actually Use Social Media?


The promise of how well digital marketing helps business is often lost in the complexity of how to use digital marketing – especially when digital marketing is not your day job. For those of us that digital marketing IS our day job, how do you prove you’ve moved the needle.


How Business is Done Online; SMB Use of Digital Marketing for Awareness, Visibility & Sales


Preznc® Report has been the foundation for hundreds of actionable, relevant digital strategies since its inception in 2013. We’ve collected data on 1,000’s of website and using the Preznc® Database, we have gained an understanding of how businesses actually use their website and social presence to find prospects and get new business. The white paper, prepared for SMRA, examines the SMB digital presence using data that proves how they using it, not just how they say they’re using it. The data gathered by professional researchers doing basic research – visiting websites and business pages on social platforms – it’s a level of usage data not available anywhere else (that we know of) and references data most marketers ignore or cannot otherwise get.


The white paper shares a finding in each major category of a Preznc Report –

  • What structural elements are impacting the site
  • Engagement tactics being used on websites (mostly B2B)
  • Social platforms favored & used by SMB


We appreciate you downloading the white paper and hope it helps! If you’re looking to have a Preznc Report generated for your business, click here and let us know – we’ll be with you promptly or click the chat tool and let us answer any questions you might have right away!



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